Beleef de Stelling van Amsterdam met uw smartphone of tablet

Openluchtmuseum De Stelling van Amsterdam


The ‘StellingTour’ is with a 'wink' the museum in the pocket. It unlocks, by a digital audiovisual tour of 135 kilometres, the Defence Line of Amsterdam, UNESCO World Heritage.

By  smartphone applications are bunkers, buildings, dams, locks and hidden objects explained through stories, historical footage, photo’s, animations and re-enactments.

The StellingTour tells us stories of usefulness and necessity of the Defence Line of Amsterdam. The ‘Stelling van Amsterdam’ was at the outbreak of the First World War the most modern fortification in the world. Simultaneously politics, army and designers were struggling with the rapid advances in technology.


For the time being all tours are in dutch.

Rapidly developing technology makes it possible to introduce the concept museum on a greater scale and in the landscape.


By combining the museum and modern audiovisual technologies in modern smartphone applications it is possible telling stories in totally new way. There where the history took place. In collaboration with Eye film institute we searched for original footage from the early 20th century.

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De StellingTour is ontwikkeld in opdracht van de Provincie Noord Holland